Workshops and Therapeutic Interventions

Alder Barn runs a series of therapeutic interventions and workshops that take advantage of the therapy and mental health services.

Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk

Some people find being outside safer than having therapy in a room. Alder Barn is spoilt for choice of where to can walk or sit and reflect, and so can offer outdoor therapy to those who feel they would benefit from being outdoors.

For professionals, Susan offers the opportunity to learn more about what is involved with taking your therapy practice outside. They also host a regular network meeting for therapists interested in walk and talk therapy.

Mindful Art and Photography

Mindful Art and Photography

Alongside other artists, Susan has run workshops for small groups who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, self-injury and trauma. These gentle workshops in the beautiful surrounding of the Blackdowns draw upon the benefits of art and photography and the creative process as an aid to positive mental health.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy

Susan has completed serval Animal Assisted Therapy programmes, the most recent being Level 1 and 2 Animal Assisted Play Therapy®. Susan has incorporated her dogs in directive and non-directive therapy for over 15 years, and has taken her dogs into schools to assist in therapy and give talks on the benefits of dogs assisting therapy.

Training is offered to those wishing to work with animals, in particular dogs, in therapeutic settings in school.



Susan works very closely with local primary and secondary schools; offering counselling, equine or animal assisted therapy and a wide range of therapeutic interventions. Bespoke programmes are tailored in consultation with parents and schools. Susan draws upon evidence-based approaches and assessments to successfully support the children in her care. Her unique skill maximises each child’s chances of success; prioritising transfer of progress back to the school environment. Places can be funded through charitable organisations, councils, ECHP’s or private means.


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